God of Shadow – Chapter 10

Adahmri groaned quietly as he rolled onto his side and sat on the edge of the bed. Shaking his head, he slid off the side and stood, moving over to the nearby dresser, where he had stowed his clean clothes. He lifted his gaze as he approached the dresser, and his attention settled on something in the mirror. A smile crept over his lips as he looked at the naked form still curled up on the bed. He could never have expected Sielahiel to come to him like this, but last night he couldn’t have denied her, even if he’d wanted to. She had looked at him so passionately, her green eyes shining with something he had never seen in them before.

It had been a mesmerizing night, and as he stood naked in front of the mirror now, he realized that he didn’t recognize himself. There was a certain glow about him that wasn’t truly visible in a physical way. And he could still sense people all around him. It was muted now, compared to yesterday, and he was grateful that the headache it had given him before had faded now. There was still a slight throb behind his eyes, but it wasn’t terribly painful. He had had to pull it back in himself in order to acclimate to it, and that had been incredibly difficult to do. Especially since he could feel Sielahiel, too, and she had exuded only growing interest in him.

He ran a hand through his black hair and tilted his chin up, sighing quietly. He wasn’t exactly sure where he was supposed to go next, but he could feel that there was a measure of power at his fingertips now. How to use it, he was unsure, but like that night when the wolves had attacked him, he was certain he would know what to do when the time came. Or rather, his magic would know what to do. It was like its own entity inside him, but it was familiar and quiet – like a long-time friend buried deep within.

Sielahiel stirred, drawing the young man’s gaze. She was so beautiful. His eyes feasted on the sight of her naked body; her luscious, chocolate skin; the curve of her breasts and hip; and the delicate smile which lay on her lips even as she slept. He felt blessed, and not just because he had literally been created by the gods. This strong, beautiful woman who lived her entire life only as she wanted had chosen to be with him. Sure, the goddess Ariana may have pushed her in his direction, but everything else she had done of her own accord. She had found him, stayed with him, tended his wounds, and shared her body with him.

But you are a god, he found himself thinking. A delicate frown touched his lips as doubt permeated his thoughts. His gaze fell to his hands. Would she have chosen him if he were not the son of Ariana and Soragen? Would she have become his lover if he had remained the despondent orphan boy of Lorre? He couldn’t help but wonder, and then conclude that she would not have likely done anything of the sort. What could he have ever offered her but his genuine devotion? In a world where that was rarely enough even for the wealthy, he counted himself doubly blessed. His pride stung, but he would not discard the way fate had changed his circumstances. And he could not think less of his beloved Sielahiel for doing what any other woman surely would have done. It did not change who she was, and it did not make her a lesser person for it.

He returned to the bed and settled his body close to hers. She stirred again with the return of his warmth and rolled over to face him. He curled his arm around her shoulder and gazed down at her fair face. That smile had returned to her lips, and she reached her hand to caress the side of his neck. He bowed his head and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“Good morning, Siel,” he murmured.

She finally opened her eyes and gazed up at him. She looked at him with such intensity, and he hesitantly opened his senses to the aura surrounding her. His heart warmed. She was so genuine. There was no deception or hesitation in her – only admiration and curiosity. He bent closer when her arm moved around him and drew his body to hers. Smiling, he buried his nose in her hair.

“’Morning,” she replied, groggy. Adahmri chuckled and pressed a kiss to her neck, and then lifted himself up so he could gaze down into her eyes.

“I have no idea where we’re going next,” he admitted.

“That’s a’right,” she said, canting her head. Her gaze roamed his features. “No reason we can’t spend a day in, hm?”

Adahmri cupped her face with his palm and stroked his thumb over her cheek. “I couldn’t agree more.”

She grinned and tugged him back down to her so she could kiss him, and they spent the rest of the morning entwined together all over again. It was exhilarating for the young lovers, tossed into a quest for which neither had asked, to step away from the danger and the uncertainty and simply lose themselves in the safety of familiarity and intimacy. There was no telling how long their quest was going to take. Further, they could not begin to guess how Adahmri’s ascension to godhood would affect their relationship. Sielahiel did not expect him to stick around and marry her and help her raise a family, but she had never been in a hurry for those things. If she could not have them with him, as she had begun to consider before this madness had even begun, then she would enjoy his company for as long as she could have him. After that, she would worry about settling for something dull in comparison.

But right now, she didn’t need to think about that. All she needed to do was enjoy the touch of this boy-turned-god who was, by some miracle, utterly devoted to her. Her heart fluttered with happiness as he pushed her onto her back and settled over her. And as he kissed her so fiercely, her mind went dizzy.

It would be a lovely day in.


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Jes A. Condrey
Line Art by Mariamjs. Colored by Jes.

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