God of Shadow

God of Shadow


Adahmri is an orphan from Lorre, a busy town located south of Thornin, near the western coast. He is a lanky young man with a strong desire to prove his worth to both his neighbors and to himself. A bullied bookworm his entire life, he didn’t truly start paying attention to his future until it was too late. Shopkeepers and smithies don’t need him, the Militia isn’t suited to him, and he can’t marry the girl of his dreams because he has nothing to offer her.

But on his sixteenth birthday, he receives a visitor who changes everything. He learns that he is the son of the gods Soragen and Ariana, and he must embark on a quest to find three Pearls of Power. If he succeeds, he will Ascend, and become one of the gods who rule over the land of Camriiole.

But how can he find the courage to actually leave the safety of the only home he has ever known? Will he make friends on his journey? Will anything seek to stand in his way?


God of Shadow is a prequel to The Dragonbond Chronicles, set two hundred years before Koragi departs on her own quest for Ascension in Dragonbond.


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