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I know, long time no see. 2018 was a mess for me and I dropped off the face of the planet for a while. The good news is that life is less terrible. I’m with my husband again, visiting Wales, with the intention of making the final move in July of this year. I’ve officially gone full-time freelance, and my time has been taken up by drawing and writing (today’s featured image is from an emotional commission I recently finished for a client). I’ve just launched my Fiverr page, which you can see here if you’re interested in getting some character artwork done. There will be other services there soon, but I wanted to share this one first as it’s been my bestseller.

Everything is looking up nicely now, but the setbacks and stress of last year had the unfortunate effect of pushing back my second book. I’m still in the process of working through the transition to audio book, but it’s coming. Now that I’m mostly settled down for the moment, I’m hoping to see both the audio book and Dragonsoul happen soon. I’ll keep you updated on the progress!

I will also be renewing the Newsletter, with a continuation of the God of Shadow story set to go out on January 21st. Thank you all for your patience in this and for your understanding over the last several months. Many of you have reached out to me to see how I’m doing, and that means the world to me.

Finally, I’m happy to say that my rewrite of my webcomic is nearly finished and I have a tentative start date for the reboot of Captive set for February 1st. In case you didn’t know, I had taken the old one down because I wasn’t happy with how similar the concept was to other comics on the site I’m using. Taking the opportunity to revamp the whole thing, I think the story is much stronger now, and so is the artwork. I’ll let you know when that goes live, as well!

See you soon!


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