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I am very nearly finished writing Dragonsoul, which is Book 2 of The Dragonbond Chronicles. The image featured above is of the dragon, Eir. It is taken from the larger image of the book’s cover.

With the events that I am going to this summer, I’m hoping for some additional exposure for Book 1, Dragonbond. It’ll be really fun to set up with my books (and with a fellow author, Steven Lovett) at both the Salina Comic Con and the Concordia Fall Fest! I have a lot of ideas for displays and pictures, and I have commissioned some fantastic artwork to really make my book stand out – hopefully. My goal is to release Dragonsoul before the end of the year, with Book 3 (I haven’t settled on a name for that one just yet) slated for 2019.

I would also remind everyone that I have a Newsletter which I send out every Monday. Each installment comes with a chapter to an exclusive story about an important character from Dragonbond. We are currently eight chapters into the story, and I’m enjoying the little exploration. All are welcome to sign up for it here!

That’s all I have for now. Thanks for reading and for your interest! I look forward to seeing anyone who’s able to make it to the events this summer!

See you soon!

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