Upcoming Events and Appearances

Well, look at that! I have a proper Events page now! Upcoming events also show up in my sidebar on the right.

2018 is going to be a fun year! I have signed up for (or am in the process of signing up for) the indicated events in my list. If you’re going to any of these events, look me up! I’d be delighted to meet you! I’ll be updating this fairly regularly, once I have things confirmed. The only one that might change so far is the convention in New York, since that sounds like a logistical nightmare with the hotels selling out so quickly. But we’ll see!

I’m looking into a few that are going to happen in the summer months, and I have my eye on a couple book fairs, too. If any of my fellow artists, writers, or Fantasy/comic fans are going to be attending any events (preferably near Kansas for now), drop me a line and I’ll look into going, too! It never hurts to look.

Keep an eye out for me!

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