Fantasy Fridays – The Well

Adahmri is back in town in this week’s Fantasy Fridays post: The Well. Read it here on The Dragonblog!

Adahmri is the only other god-child in Camriiole to have Ascended successfully and joined the gods. He is a friendly face for Koragi in Dragonbond, as he took a similar path that she must now take. But what was he like before he Ascended? What sort of family looked after him? Was he always the strong and confident personality?

Well, turns out he was bullied, and overall a fairly average kid. He lived in an orphanage, and had a bad case of puppy love for the lady who lived out on the farm outside of town.

This is a sneak peek at the life of Adahmri, which will be explored more fully in the newsletter which I will send out every Monday. Be sure to sign up for The Dragonblog Newsletter to read Adahmri’s story – and see the fancy new artwork that goes with it, too!

See you soon!

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