Fantasy Fridays & Blog Restoration!

As you may have noticed, my blog posts and stories are back! I did some digging with my old host and had to get in contact with them to access their backups – which by some miracle hadn’t been removed yet! Haha! They restored the files to my old FTP credentials, even though I had switched to a new host. It was very nice of them!

Here’s what I had to do: I had to go into the old host’s dashboard to link the restored WordPress installation up to a different domain. I had to fiddle manually in a WordPress php document to change the domain it all pointed to, which allowed the old blog temporarily back online under the different domain name. I could then access everything and export it again directly. And voila! Everything is back! The old host isn’t even going to charge me for re-hosting a site temporarily. 1&1 has excellent customer service!

With this blessing in mind, I intend to get back into the habit of regularly posting a Fantasy Fridays entry again, but I’ll stick with the once-a-month mantra for now. I’m sure I can keep up with that. I will eventually be bringing the polls back, as well. Once a month, I’ll ask my fans which character they want to read more about, and hopefully we can then get a dialogue going on subject matter. So if you’re curious about anything in particular, keep it in mind and maybe it’ll be my next writing prompt. I’m a huge advocate for regular writing habits, so I suppose I better get settled back into some good habits myself.

Ahhh, I had missed these stories and their accompanying music.

Note to self: Make a gallery of the old Runebreathers webcomic and update the old posts that direct to them. I think you guys should be able to see them, even though we’re not going to be continuing the comic!

See you soon!

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