NaNoWriMo 2017 Ending – Plus Dragonbond Stuff!

I know I said I would post regular updates about NaNoWriMo on here, but I just didn’t have time. I was working on writing my sequel so much that I didn’t really have the chance! Not to mention I still draw up comic pages every week. Haha!

But I have officially met the challenge! Today, my word count sits at 50,622 words. It is an amazing feat, since I actually really love how this story is coming together. I generally plan my chapters to an obsessive level, and then deviate immediately. This time I’m actually sticking pretty close! I’ve had to adjust things here and there, but this is a whole lot easier when I have an official timeline, a bestiary, moon cycle calendars, and a chapter-by-chapter outline of all the information I need to reference to keep my continuity strong.

In other news, I also received an e-mail today with the proof of Dragonbond, which means that we’re coming up very quick on the release of my book! It’s perfect timing, since I can now feel totally okay with taking a few days off writing to scour Dragonbond for formatting issues before it’s okayed for print/e-book. I’m so excited that I might just cry.

Here. Have a celebratory Toport!

(He’s happy, I promise.)

See you soon!

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