Jes, the Cartographer

I have finalized my map for Camriiole, and I offer it to you in small form today! Since it’s the same setting as Runebreathers, it applies to both the webcomic and Dragonbond. Patrons through Patreon get to see it in high resolution, so only the small version here.

I should note that anyone who’s an indie author, an author with Dragon Moon Press, or a small-press/indie (web)comic artist can purchase a fully custom, full-resolution map for their settings at $20 USD through AetherForge Studio (which is my and my husband’s freelance studio), and the fee releases all rights to you for use in books/web/social media/whatever you want.

You can leave a comment here, e-mail me, or message me on Facebook if you’d like to take advantage of that!

Pretty Map

Map of Camriiole

See you soon!

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