Patreon is up and running for the webcomic! Patreon is a handy tool that webcomic creators (and countless other creative professionals) use to keep in contact with their fans and subscribers. For example, if you were to give $1/month to us to support our work, you would immediately gain access to some extra pages on the site that aren’t available otherwise. If you subscribe for $7/month, you get access to pages a week earlier than everyone else (so you get to see two extra pages!), along with some other things.

All you have to do is sign up to Patreon and use those credentials to log into the comic using the fancy orange button above the comic image. That button disappears after you log in, so you always know if you’re connected.

Once we start getting some patrons, we’ll have more goodies for the wonderful people who support us. So feel free to spread the word or sign up for even just $1/month (like a super inexpensive cup of creative coffee, once a month), so we know that we have some fans who like what we do!

We also encourage everyone who reads the comic to click a rating on the comic pages. No need to sign up for anything to do that, at least! And we would really appreciate it, as it allows our comics to have some measure of exposure on the SmackJeeves website.

See you soon!

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