Jes A. Condrey

Back to the Game!

I am alive! And I have posted a Fantasy Friday for today. I’ll be getting back into writing some more short stories after this, I think.

News thus far says that we are looking at a Fall release for my book, so that is coming up quickly! Keep an eye out for release information! I’m going to try to correlate my book release with the Runebreathers webcomic renewal, so we’ll see how I do with that. Then it’s all drawing and writing the next book! This should be quite fun!

I’ve been ill the past week, so I’m amazed I can see straight enough to post this at all, but I’m getting better! And with college and all these new fun things going on, I’ll be busier than ever! Now I just need to work on recovering from this horrid illness.

Talk to you soon!

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