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One of my favorite things to do is look around all over the internet for digital art that calls to me in a special way. That’s how I found the professional artist who did the cover page for my book. When I commissioned him and he actually said he’d do it (and I actually had the money for it at the time), I was ecstatic! And it happened again when another favorite professional artist made beautiful artwork for my author website.

One thing that has stuck with me throughout this journey is that I have always wanted to be one of those artists. I know that there are so many excellent artists out there now, but that doesn’t really scare me. Look at how many authors are out there; I still never gave up on writing.

So when I get over to the UK to begin my new life (for which I am leaving in just a few hours), I will be attending Pembrokeshire College, studying for a degree in Interactive Media. In addition to this, I have signed up for a digital painting academy that has already taught me so much in the short amount of time I’ve been able to look at the lessons I get to complete there, too.

My writing will not be affected by this, of course. I am working on my second book while my first still remains in the Editorial stage. This publishing venture takes a long time and requires untold patience, but despite these frustrations this is the most exciting time of my life.

I am going to chronicle my progress with digital painting, as well, so look here for updates on that, too.

More Fantasy Friday material is coming, but perhaps not for a couple weeks, due to my trans-Atlantic move and all that goes into getting settled across the Pond.

I am truly looking forward to the future. It is bright and hopeful.

Talk to you soon!

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