Moving Abroad!

So! I have been quiet on the blog front for some time. The primary reason for this is that I will be moving abroad (from the US to the UK) in about…five days. Most of my stuff is already en route, in fact, so technically I think I’ve already moved. It counts!

I will soon be settled in my new home with my husband, who has been wonderfully patient. The distance has been difficult, especially since it has taken up a majority of our first year of marriage. But we will persevere! I’m anxious and excited to start my new life with my (still new to me) husband in a new (to me) country, on a brand new career path filled with art, computers, and books!

You might notice that I have a wonderful professional photo on my site now. That one is courtesy of Heidi Hittle (Icreatephotography).

I’ll be posting more regularly once I get situated on the other side of the Atlantic. I’ll have school, my Dragonbond Chronicles webcomic (Runebreathers), and my book (Dragonbond), so I expect to stay busy.

As always, thank you for reading! And keep an eye on this blog for more information and fun, Fantasy-themed posts!

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