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As I worked on the outline for my next book, I realized that I kept thinking about scenes that would be fun to draw up like the pieces I’ve done recently for Fantasy Friday. In the past, I have considered what it would be like to have a webcomic or a comic book that went along with my stories – not just the super-prequel that ‘Runebreathers’ is for Dragonbond. I’ve never put too much thought into that, since it seemed like a silly thing to do, but what if it was a story about someone who’s not entirely related to the story at all, but set in the same time frame in the same setting, telling the story from a different perspective? My mind ran pretty far with the thought and I figured I would just babble about it here.

I love my art almost as much as I love my words. Writing is my #1 passion, but drawing is so close behind it that they’re almost neck-and-neck. I’ve been doing both since I was about seven years old. It would be amazing if I could one day have a successful writing career, as well as a successful webcomic run. I’ve not been able to focus on both before, but I’ve been seeing good progress lately with a routine that fits such a goal.

My husband and I are working on getting ‘Runebreathers’ back up and running. The wedding and the upcoming move (less than four weeks now!) took our efforts elsewhere, but I think once we get settled in together at our home across the Atlantic, we’ll be able to really put our heads together like we need to in order to be consistent. Time apart and stress have been a big factor in the hiatus, but I’m optimistic about what the future will bring.

Keep an eye on this blog for news regarding when the webcomic ‘Runebreathers’ will be back, as well as for information about Dragonbond release dates, future book news, and of course the more regular Fantasy Friday and blog posts.

Thank you for reading!

Jes A. Condrey

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