Poll Winner #3: Toport

For the second time, the dragon Toport is the winner of the Fantasy Friday poll! I have noticed that he is a favorite among people who read about him or know him from Dragonbond. This is good, since he is definitely one of my favorites and I’m glad for his outstanding reception thus far!

Toport is known for his battle prowess and for his general surly disposition. But there are many facets of this character which make him such an enjoyable one to write. When he becomes aware of Koragi’s existence, that stone mask cracks. A long-awaited prophecy is now within grasp and he will fight with all of his strength to protect the future of Camriiole.

Toport is a prominent character in the upcoming Dragonbond. See him again on May 12th!


Jes A. Condrey

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