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On Fridays, I am going to try to post some kind of snippet in the Fantasy genre, whether in the form of short stories, historical timelines, poetry, or something else. I will take this opportunity to expand and flesh out some aspects of my upcoming novel, Dragonbond. For now, I want to focus on characters in Camriiole (which is the setting I have created for Dragonbond and The Dragonbond Chronicles). I want you to see who they are, out of the context of the books. Last week, I posted Tradition, a 4,000-word short story about Finora Kaiyta.

Finora is not in Dragonbond, but she is in its sequel. This story takes place after the events of Dragonbond and helps to get into the mindset of one of my favorite characters. The image used in the feature on this page is artwork from the cover of the second novel, as well. Stories like these flesh out a character and I would love to share all of them with my readers.

You can see a list of most of my major characters on this page of my main website. What I would like to see is suggestions for the next week’s Fantasy Friday. You can name your candidate here or in an e-mail or by posting or commenting on my Facebook page. Or send a Tweet to @jesacondrey! You can reach me lots of different ways! This week’s Fantasy Friday will be about a young elf named Ky’irael. He’s also not one of my major players in Dragonbond, but the story is meant to lay a foundation for how the war between humans and elves in Camriiole affects the elves – you see the human side of it in Dragonbond, so it is an exploration.

Of course, I may need a break every now and then to recharge or work on other things, but I intend to post at least one story a month! Preferably more.

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