About Me

Jes A. Condrey

I am an author. I am also a webcomic artist, a gamer, and a dragon geek (along with the rest of the Fantasy genre, but mostly dragon).

I love stories, dragons, drawing, RPGs, Marvel movies, most nerdy comic/Fantasy shows currently running on the CW, dragons, and of course my husband. I’m in the process of beginning a life-changing move from the US to Wales, where I will be going to school for Interactive Media.

My first novel, Dragonbond, will be published in the process, too. Dragonbond is the first in its series, The Dragonbond Chronicles. The breathtaking land of Camriiole has rarely seen peace amongst its inhabitants, but now it must survive even the might and fury of angered gods as young seamstress-turned-warrior Koragi searches for a way to end this new war before elven and human culture become equally lost to history.

Join me in celebrating the debut of this new Fantasy series, and enjoy the tidbits of lore and storytelling that will fill these pages!


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